Can I Transfer My Micro Loan To Somebody Before Issuing Me

The precise question is, first of all, is it possible to take a payday loan on someone else’s card or banking account? Actually, it concerns not only fraudsters but also respectable people who for some reason can’t receive payday loans in the usual way.

On the Internet, there are a lot of MFOs that provide credits around the clock. But one of the terms is the transfer of funds to the card of the borrower. Why? The answer lies in the legislative acts regulating the activities of these companies. It is impossible to take a credit agreement for someone else’s account. Here are the reasons:

  • In online transactions, the obligation of the borrower to pay the short-term loan comes from the moment it is credited to his account.
  • If there is a third party, when applying to the court, the agreement on such short-term loan is invalidated.
  • Most often, such borrowings are considered by fraudsters who have learned details of other people’s documents. In order to prevent intruders from stealing money, this restriction has been introduced.

Smart Solution

But there is one trick. This is namely getting money through an electronic wallet. There are situations when funds are needed urgently and there is no possibility to register with regular financial establishments.

For this wallet, you, as usual, need a mobile phone and a computer/gadget connected to the Internet. Consider the amount of the commission for transferring funds. Each online system has its own rate for this service. It is enough to fill in the questionnaire, specifying personal data, and then confirm using a secret combination of numbers. The code is sent via SMS to the phone specified in the application.

How to receive money without a card? MFOs transfer money by the banking system. To get it, the customer will only need a passport. Where you can get such a transfer depends on the transfer feature: sometimes money is available only in a specific branch of a particular bank, it happens that you can get your loan from any bank that works with this financial provider. So the sole option for sending borrowing to other people is initially dealing with e-money.

If you know technology, you will always find the right solution, in accordance with the law. Another detail is that sometimes you can’t turn electronic dollars into cash. You may use them only for payments for goods and services on the Internet. So the choice is yours.

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