AMST Hollywood Vanity Mirror with Lights

AMST Hollywood Vanity Mirror with Lights

AMST Hollywood Vanity Mirror with Lights

AMST Hollywood Vanity Mirror with Lights

Three Color Lighting Bulbs

Three color options are set to get ready for all occasions, home or dorm, salon or backstage, party or Ins selfie, as you like.

12pcs LED bulbs can provide you the perfectly even makeup illumination. And these energy-efficient bulbs have an average lifespan up to 45,000 hours, still able to stay cool after constantly using.

Touch Sensor Switch

The mirror is equipped with touch-sensitive buttons on the low position of mirror surface which won’t affect your sight.

Touch once on the middle icon to turn on/off the mirror; touch once on “M” icon to change the color; long press on the “P” icon is to adjust the brightness.

With the dimmer, you can control the accurate lighting to fit your actual needs, it is convenient to do your make up while your partner is sleeping by lowering the lights; you may able to do your work on the desk with just the brightest light from the mirror as well.

USB Charging & Outlet Port

USB function makes it workable to charge your device near hand and get prepared for the day or a night date or any time you need.

Super easy to operate, plug the included adapter cord into the side-mounted outlet to power up the mirror and slay!

Product Features

  • 3 Color Light Settings – It is designed with cool white, warm white and warm yellow for you to choose from. Total 12pcs led bulbs lined up on the mirror not only to provide even lighting for your perfect makeup but also a classy decor in your room.
  • Touch Sensor Switch – Just tap to turn on or off the light, to change the light color for different needs, to increase or decrease the brightness. Easy to use and would respond to you quickly when it’s dry and clean.
  • USB Charging Port – 1 outlet and 1 USB port on the side of mirror. Plug with the included adaptor and light up. Charging your device by the USB port and no more messages would be missed when it is close at hand.
  • One Way Display – Tabletop Makeup Mirror. The tabletop way is already pre-installed; you can use it directly by simply plugging with the included adaptor.
  • Premium Quality and Service – This both classic and modern style vanity mirror provides perfect lighting for best visibility and crystal clear and the most accurate mirror reflection. If you have any question or problem with this item, please do not hesitate to contact with us. We will follow up until it completed to your satisfaction before and after your purchase.