BakeLuv Brown Bakery Boxes with Window – Product Description

BakeLuv Brown Bakery Boxes with Window – Product Description

BakeLuv Brown Bakery Boxes with Window – Product Description

BakeLuv Brown Bakery Boxes with Window

Introducing the BakeLuv Brown Bakery Boxes with Window – the ultimate solution for all your bakery packaging needs. Whether you’re a professional baker or simply love baking at home, these boxes are designed to impress.

Product Features

Auto-Popup Design

Gone are the days of struggling to assemble bakery boxes. Our BakeLuv Brown Bakery Boxes feature an innovative auto-popup design, making them incredibly easy to set up. Simply squeeze the sides and the box pops open, ready to be filled with your delicious treats.

Thick & Sturdy Material

We understand the importance of keeping your baked goods fresh and protected. That’s why our bakery boxes are made of thick and sturdy 350 GSM material. This ensures that your cookies, cakes, donuts, and pastries remain in perfect condition during transport or display.

Clear Window

With a clear window on the top, these bakery boxes allow your customers to get a sneak peek of the mouthwatering treats inside. The window not only adds a touch of elegance but also serves as a convenient way to showcase your creations without the need for opening the box.


  • Dimensions: 8x8x2.5 inches
  • Pack Size: 25 boxes
  • Material: 350 GSM
  • Color: Brown

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can these bakery boxes be customized with my logo?

Yes, absolutely! These bakery boxes provide a perfect canvas for showcasing your brand. You can easily add your logo or design to create a personalized packaging experience for your customers.

2. Are these boxes suitable for shipping?

While these bakery boxes are sturdy, they are primarily designed for in-store display or gifting purposes. If you require shipping boxes, we recommend using additional packaging materials for added protection during transit.

3. Can I reuse these bakery boxes?

While the BakeLuv Brown Bakery Boxes are made of high-quality material, they are intended for one-time use. However, many customers find creative ways to repurpose them for organizing small items or as gift boxes.


Elevate your bakery packaging with the BakeLuv Brown Bakery Boxes with Window. These 8x8x2.5 inch boxes are not only visually appealing but also provide the necessary protection for your delicious creations. With an easy-to-use auto-popup design and a clear window, these bakery boxes are a must-have for any baker. Order your pack of 25 today and impress your customers with professional and stylish packaging.