Kaydora Reborn Baby Doll – Lifelike Sleeping Newborn Girl

Kaydora Reborn Baby Doll – Lifelike Sleeping Newborn Girl

Kaydora Reborn Baby Doll – Lifelike Sleeping Newborn Girl

Kaydora Reborn Baby Doll – Lifelike Sleeping Newborn Girl


Welcome to the world of Kaydora Reborn Baby Dolls! If you are looking for a lifelike and realistic baby doll, then look no further. Our Sleeping Newborn Girl doll is a masterpiece that will capture your heart. With its incredible attention to detail and weighted body, this doll will provide you with endless joy and companionship.


Lifelike Appearance

Our Kaydora Reborn Baby Doll is meticulously crafted to resemble a real newborn baby. From her delicate facial features to her tiny fingers and toes, every detail is carefully painted by hand. You will be amazed at how lifelike and adorable she looks.

Weighted Body

This 22-inch baby doll has a weighted body that feels just like holding a real baby. The weighted cloth body and vinyl limbs give her a realistic feel, making her perfect for cuddling and posing. You will love the comforting weight of this doll in your arms.

High-Quality Materials

At Kaydora, we believe in using only the finest materials to create our dolls. Our Sleeping Newborn Girl is made from soft vinyl that is free from harmful substances. The doll’s body is filled with high-quality PP cotton, ensuring a plush and huggable experience.

Perfect Gift

Whether you are a doll collector or looking for a special gift, our Kaydora Reborn Baby Doll is an excellent choice. This lifelike doll will bring joy to anyone who receives it. It is also a great tool for teaching nurturing skills to children and can be used for therapy purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the doll suitable for children?

Yes, the Kaydora Reborn Baby Doll is suitable for children aged 3 and above. However, adult supervision is recommended due to the doll’s delicate features.

2. Can the doll be bathed?

No, the doll is not designed to be bathed. It is recommended to keep the doll away from water to maintain its quality and prevent damage.

3. How should I care for the doll?

To keep your Kaydora Reborn Baby Doll in the best condition, avoid exposing it to direct sunlight for extended periods. You can gently wipe the doll’s face and limbs with a soft cloth if needed.

4. Can the doll’s clothes be changed?

Yes, the doll’s clothes can be changed. You can dress her up in any newborn-sized clothing to enhance her realistic appearance.

Experience the joy of owning a lifelike baby doll with the Kaydora Reborn Baby Doll. Order yours today and bring home a bundle of happiness!