SodaStream E-Terra Sparkling Water Maker – Product Description

SodaStream E-Terra Sparkling Water Maker – Product Description

SodaStream E-Terra Sparkling Water Maker – Product Description

SodaStream E-Terra Sparkling Water Maker

Discover a seamless, automated way to make sparkling water in seconds with the Sodastream E-Terra! Made to make fizzy sparkling water and beverages drinks for anyone’s tastes, the E-terra features three different carbonation level presets so you can achieve the perfect fizz bubbles every time. The smart design features snap & lock technology to ensure a tight seal between the CO2 output and the bottle, while Sodastream’s own Quick Connect system makes connecting the CO2 cannister cylinder a breeze. After removing the back panel, simply lift the handle to open the cylinder housing, insert the Quick Connect cylinder bottom-first, then lower the handle again to create a reliable connection. When carbonating, a blue atmosphere light will come on to illuminate the water, turning off to let you know when your water is ready to drink. The E-Terra comes with a BPA-free 1 litre dishwasher safe bottle for added convenience, making it easy to take your carbonated beverage sparkling drinks with you anywhere or pop it in the fridge for later.


  • Smart E-Terra water carbonator
  • Three carbonation level presets
  • Snap & lock technology for a tight seal
  • Quick Connect system for easy CO2 cylinder connection
  • Blue atmosphere light to indicate readiness
  • 1 litre BPA-free dishwasher safe bottle


The smart E-Terra water carbonator turns flat water into sparkling water with a touch of a button, and has 3 carbonation settings so you can find your favourite fizz.


The snap and lock connection makes it easy to create a reliable seal between the bottle and the CO2 hose, ensuring no gas or liquid escapes while in use.


Our patented Quick Connect system connects Sodastream CO2 cannisters (cylinder) quickly and easily – simply raise the handle, slot in the cannister (cylinder), then push the handle down to form a seal.


While in use, a blue atmosphere light will illuminate the water, and turn off to let you know your sparkling water is ready!


This fizzy sparkling water maker comes with a 1 litre BPA-free water bottle which is dishwasher safe for quick and hassle-free easy cleanup.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can I use other bottles with the SodaStream E-Terra?

No, the E-Terra is designed to work specifically with the included 1 litre BPA-free water bottle.

2. How long does it take to carbonate the water?

The carbonation process takes just a few seconds, allowing you to enjoy sparkling water in no time.

3. Is the E-Terra easy to clean?

Yes, the E-Terra is easy to clean. The 1 litre BPA-free water bottle is dishwasher safe, and the carbonator itself can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.


The SodaStream E-Terra Sparkling Water Maker is a convenient and efficient way to enjoy sparkling water at home. With its three carbonation level presets and easy-to-use design, you can create the perfect fizzy beverage every time. The snap & lock technology and Quick Connect system ensure a reliable seal and hassle-free CO2 cylinder connection. The included dishwasher safe water bottle adds convenience to your sparkling water experience. Say goodbye to store-bought carbonated drinks and enjoy the freedom of making your own with the SodaStream E-Terra!